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IS-miniManager V2.7(final release)


  • Explanation of V2.7
    This version is to be usable after 2017 by IS-miniManager user. Older version can not communicate with servers after 2017, but this version has the capability of the communication and user can download and use LUTs. There are a couple of minor bug fixes but no additional function updates.

  • Warnings
    We will not gurantee any functions of this software. We will not do any support for the mul functions or how to use functions. You have to use this version of software by your own responsibility. Those who need new functions like HDR support, new camera LUTs, please consider to switch to our new software WonderLookPro.
  • IS-mini Manager Ver.2.7 software(for Windows)

    IS-mini Manager Ver.2.7 software(for MacOS)


    Image Processing System IS-mini

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