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Based on Fujifilm's technology, "WonderLookPro" is a software designed to resolve any issue in color creation and color management. The "WonderLookPro" allows the operator to control LUTBOX devices, manage different camera profiles and LUTs, operate rendering variations such as film looks, implement various color correction methods, color space conversions, and control different color reproduction monitors. You can download from here.

Opening Screen

Opening Screen

Online Help

Main Features

1) Preset LUTs Available for Download

LUTs for more than 60 camera types are available for download via an internet connection, including a wide variety of rendering. These LUTs are made by precise measurement of each camera and combination of rendering technologies.

Camera Variation
Camera Variation
Rendering Variation
Rendering Variation
Online Help

2) LUT Creation, Conversion, and Management

In addition to the preset LUTs, you can create colors from scratch and export them to a third-party imaging system. Or import LUTs from a different vendor to be used with our IS-Mini LUT Box. Imported LUTs can be converted to target other color spaces.

3) On-set viewing and on-set grading (Online Help)

You can view and grade high quality image shot directly on set. The methods for real time color correction can be from ASC-CDL Parameters, 12-color Vector Correction, CCU Emulation, and Tone Curve Manipulation. When using multiple LUTBOXes, you can group them to control simultaneously, or set to be synchronize LOOK while other settings(IDT or target monitor) are different.

4) Monitor Calibration

The "WonderLookPro" can detect and measure the color reproduction on monitors by using probes and create the compensation LUT to achieve a correct color reproduction in a very easy and simple way.

5) HDR Support

WonderLookPro supports HDR in various ways. It provides, HDR Rendering, HDR monitor settings, HDR to SDR mapping, SDR to HDR conversion, warning in HDR specs and HDR/SDR simultaneous color correction.

Still image function and brightness warning. Monitor was set to HDR_ST2084, Wave From shows 100nits to 10000nits,
still images was labelled with over 400nits warning.


Controller Tangent Element Kb, Tk, Wave, Ripple
Probes XRite i1pro, i1pro2, i1display OEM version
Klein K-10A / Photo Research PR-655/PR-670
JETI Specbox1211/1201 (Window Only)
Konica Minolta CS-200(Window Only), CA-210(Window Only), CS-2000
Colormetric Research CR-100, CR-250
Camera Downloadable Preset LUTs ARRI, Canon, BMD, RED, SONY, Panasonic, GOPRO, FOR-A, JVC,Vision Research. Upto 68 camera types with dynamic range information, sample images are available.
Monitor Color Spaces Color Space : Rec709, Rec2020, DCI-P3
HDR : ST2084(PQ), HLG1.2(2000nits), HLG1.2(1000nits)
Mapping: Rec2020 to Rec709 mapping、HDR to SDR mapping
Still Images DPX, JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, from Clipboard, Capture (IS-100)
Picked Pixel Values(before and after), Histogram, Wave Form, Vector Scope
Warning functions Camera's Dynamic Range
Out of Rec709 Gamut
Above 400/1000nits for HDR
Emvironment Windows7, 8, 10 MacOS 10.9 or later、 1280x720 or larger pixel monitors.


License Major functions or restrictions MSRP( in US Dollers)
Free One LUTBOX, one camera.
LUT cannot be saved on non-volatile memory of LUTBOX.
Limited LUT Export Capability
Entry Two LUTBOX, three cameras.
Limited LUT Export Capability
$100 per year
Standard Upto 5 LUTBOX.
Available for USB dongle option
$400 per year
$200 per 4 months
$60 per month
$30 per 7 days
$15 per 3 days
Standard Eternal The license which enable to use WonderLookPro forever. You can update the software for three years and the versions you updated during the period is valid for this license. ISLut download is also available for three years.
Upto 5 LUTBOX.
Available for USB dongle option
Corporate Upto 20 LUTBOX, usable on 5 PCs. Available for USB dongle option Please contact your authorized reseller


You can download the software from following links. After installed as guided, inputting email address and some other information, you can get Free License which enables you to experience almost all of the functions.
Software License can be purchased form distributors and dealers listed here


For Windows

Update History

2018.2.26 WonderLookPro ver 3.5.8

  • Fixed the application clash using knee parameter of CCU.

  • Fixed the problem that all LUTs were legalized ("Full to Legal") in WonderLookSimple and "Import and Send LUT".

2018.2.2 WonderLookPro ver 3.5.7

  • AVID for Rec709 import format is available when LUT is exported.

  • Bug Fixes
       Fixed the problem about USB connection.
       Fixed Varicam's control problem.

2018.1.30 WonderLookPro ver 3.5.4

  • When LUT was export, the incorrect number of grid point was corrected.

  • When look list was selected by the "Look List Combobox", the wrong look list name was assigned.
    This malfunction do not destroy the saved look, but it may bring confusion. Please update to V3.5.3.

2018.1.30 WonderLookPro ver 3.5.2

  • WonderLookPro V3.5.2 reinforce device support (Varicam, Arri camera, BoxIO) and color space functions are improved. WonderLookSimple and new license are offered.

  • Device Support
    ・ASTRODESIGN SB-4024's control is supported. Not only real time LUT updating,
       but also settings for conversion can be available.
    ・Panasonic Varicam's control was supported. LUT can be send directly from WonderLookPro.
       Adding to that, camera control and metadata retrieval were enabled.
    ・Arri camera (Alexa SX/T, Alexa mini, Amira)'s control is supported.
       LUT can be send directly from WonderLookPro.
       Adding to that, frame grabbing, camera control and metadata retrieval were enabled.
    ・BoxIO (FSI) is supported (automatic searching, two stream mode, live frame image capture,
       metadata retrieval and Scope/Meter graph functions).

  • Color Space
    ・Rec709 Standard Gamma(Standard1 ~ Standard7) were added for input/output color space.
       Various rendering were selectable for color space conversion(OOTF).

  • Ohter Features
    ・Input scaling was usable for all of the workflows.
    ・Look Sync function was improved to make setting easily.
    ・Preset image selection was improved for UI and variations.

  • New Licenses
    ・Eternal License
       From this version (V3.5), Standard Eternal License was selectable.
       (You can update the software for three years and download CloudLUT for three years).
    ・Short Term Licenses
       You can choose 1 month/7 days/3 days Standard License.

  • WonderLookSimple
    ・For IS-mini/IS-miniX users, we started to distribute WonderLookSimple, which can import LUT
       to IS-mini devices in very simple interface. For IS-miniX users, it also provides selection and
       sending still image for IS-miniX output.

  • Bug Fixes
    ・RGB/YCC conversion accuracy was improved by adjusting parameters both for WonderLookPro
       and IS-mini/IS-miniX(required latest firmware).
    ・Fixed other minor bugs.

2017.11.24 WonderLookPro ver 3.4.10

  • Camera IDTs are downloadble by just one action. (Currently 73 type of cameras)

  • BoxIO support for other than default IP Address and 2ch mode

  • Following bugs are fixed.
    ・65^3 cube can not be exported
    ・Application crush when using specific type of USB hard drive
    ・Some other minor bugs

2017.10.11 WonderLookPro ver 3.4.4

  • The functions related LookSync had a couple of bugs in saving Looks and exporting LUTs. These bugs are all fixed.

2017.10.5 WonderLookPro ver 3.4.2

  • A couple of bugs of V3.4.0 were fixed.

  • 2017.10.3 WonderLookPro ver 3.4

    • WonderLookPro V3.4.0 add many new features for IS-miniX and LUT management functions are improved.

    • Data Management
      ・The user interface of the look list was improved.
         Customizing, overwriting of the look, adding comments, adding ranks can be done easily.
      ・The entire setting of color correction screen can be saved as a project file, which includes all of the necessary LUTs and
         images. It's very easy to transfer the settings to other PC.

    • Color Correction
      ・Direct editing of system tone curve is implemented.
      ・YCC's Y's tone and RGB entire tone can be mixed.
         It helps to adjust highlight color saturation while keeping tone curve. ・Knee control was added to the Simple Control page.
         You can set the control point by nits, and inverse transform can be usable. It can be used for SDR to HDR expansion.
      ・"Gradual Look Apply" function is implemented. You can change the color smoothly in automation.
      ・By picking up the target color from image, you can adjust the specific color to target color automatically.
      ・Look Sync function is strengthened.
         All of the color correction can be used for synchlonizing or independent control.
         This function can be used for camera to camera adjustment, or monitor color space adjustment.

    • Color Management
      ・Cemera color space to camera color spaces conversion is implemented
         For example, from VLog to SLOG3, or GPro color space to SONY's Standard5, which enables easy camera matching.
      ・ARRI's AML file export was supported.
         You can create LOOK file which can be loaded to Amira and Alexa SXT.

    • Device Support
      ・Supported ASTRODESIGN's SB4-4024, which is card type 4K convertor.
         You need Corpoarte License to control this device.
      ・(IS-miniX) Supported 2SI 4K capture on Quad SDI or Dual SDI.

    • Bug Fixes
      ・Fixed other minor bugs.

    2017.5.29 WonderLookPro ver 3.3.2

    • Fixed the problem that the software can not find teradek's COLR.

    2017.5.24 WonderLookPro ver 3.3.0

    • Added LUT comversion function when importing. It supports input space conversion to be usable for other camera even the LUT was made for different camera.

    • By using IS-miniX, background still image can be composed by chroma-key replacing.

    • By using IS-miniX, caption and logo image can be overlayed.

    • The file name of the LUTs when exporting can be generated automatically by metadata, which is customizable.

    • IS-miniX supports ARRI camera's meta data on SDI. It can be used for displaying and report of export.

    • Supports ACEScct

    • Tone curve control was added to LMT Panel. Holizontal axis is matched to the grading space.

    • Fixed other minor bugs.

    2017.2.28 WonderLookPro ver 3.2.4

    • The function to inform new version was added.

    • LLG1.2 was added to input space of color space conversion function.

    • Fixed a problem of 1000nits warning function.

    • Fixed problems related to IS-miniX still image output functions.

    • Fixed other minor bugs.

    2017.2.17 WonderLookPro ver 3.2.0

    • Supported IS-miniX. (Capture, Still image play, live, meta data..

    • Added Simple Color Correction interface.

    • Added Look List Group function. LOOKs can be managed in groups.

    • Improved export functions. Added multiple LOOKs export and Making Report.

    • Bug fix. When loading "Local Lut" with "No Scaling", it was set to "Legal to Full".

    2016.12.20 WonderLookPro ver 3.1.7

    • Fixed a couple of problems on "Input" and "HSLA" gradingSpaces.

    • Fixed incorrect calcuration of exporting LUTs on Input Scaling changed.

    • Fixed a problem when exporting with Complete Set Option.

    2016.11.16 WonderLookPro ver 3.1.0 Release