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Features for IS-miniX

WonderLookPro V3.2 support IS-miniX, which has frame memory which can be used for handling frame image.

1. Frame Image Capturing

"Capture" button send commnad to IS-miniX to capture frame image and retrieve it to the software. The image data is just input image to IS-miniX, so the image is before LUT processing. If user sets supported camera setting, WonderLookPro analyze the ancillary information and extract meta data. The image data is saved as 10bit DPX.
You can use the captured image as preview image on screen, confirm the wave form graph, check the pixel values at any point of the image. These functions will help you to confirm and decide the exposure setting, lighting setting shooting on-set.

The picture of the lower right let the monitor output of IS-miniX have an overlay with a Web camera.

In the video, it presses the Capture button several times. Captured images can be called immediately with ComboBox and can be saved as DPX or JPEG.

When you are using 4 units os IS-miniX, or IS-miniRack4K for 4K shooting, WonderLookPro can capture 4K image by capturing from 4 channel of IS-miniX and combine these images into one 4K image. Currently only squre division is supported but will support two sample interlieve in near future.

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2. Live Viewing

"Live" button click starts continuous capturing of extracted image from IS-miniX and shows live image on the screen. In usual emvironment, about 10 frames per second will be captured. Captured images are immediately processed by currect setting of LUT and color correction, which is equivarent to IS-miniX, and shows on the PC screen. If you are showing graphs like wave form, the graph will be updated simultaneously. This function speeds up the decision of camera and lighting team on-set. You can select the rectangle of the live image on screen, and the average pixles values are displayed simultaneously.

In the video, color adjustment is performed while displaying the live video, and the result is shown in real time in the live video viewing, the wave form graph, and the IS-miniX SDI output video.

In the thumbnail image, you can select a rectangular area, and the average pixel value of that area is also displayed in real time.

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3. Keep Look with Captured Image

"Keep Look" button triggers to save the current LOOK to the list and still image will be captured at the same timing for IS-mini, and saved along with LOOK information. Thumbnail image and meta data are also saved and confirmed on LOOK list. Currently we support only for SONY's F-65/F-55 metadata. We will support ARRI, Canon and panasonic in near future.

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4. Comparison of Captured Images

WonderLookPro provides you the method to compare multiple LOOKs with the image when created as IS-miniX SDI output. Off cource you can flip still image and live image. You can reproduce the image and color just one click from the LOOK list you created by IS-miniX.

The overlay of the Web camera picture of the lower part of the video fitted the monitor output of IS-miniX.
In the video, after switching to the capture image comparison mode, several created looks are switched and displayed. Finally, switching between a still image with a look and a live image is done.

In this mode, the color adjustment function is disabled, only comparison between looks and switching to live are possible.

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5. Re-Grading of the LOOK with Captured Image

WonderLookPro provides you the method to re-grade by showing the image as IS-miniX output, which is captured by IS-miniX when you created the LOOK. Created new LOOK can be overwritten to existing LOOK or save as a new LOOK withe newly processed still image.

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6. Frame Line Generation

You can make setting for Frame Line Generation on IS-miniX. Center mark and 3 kind of rectangles are capable. Only the first frame has a function to diminish brightness outside the rectangle. All of the settings can be save as file to transport to other PC.

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Other new functions of V3.2

Adding to IS-miniX supports, WonderLookPro V3.2 provides following new functions.

1. Look List Management Function

You can create groups of LOOKs. You can change the group just selecting from combobox. LOOK's copy and paste functions are available between different groups.

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2. Expanded Export Function

Multiple LOOKs export function is implemented. The results thumbnail images, before and after full resolution images and reports which include all of the information and links to important data. It can help a lot to communicate between on-set and post production.

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3. Simple Color Correction

Adding to existing color correction function, we introduced "Simple" mode. It consists from Color Ballance, exposure control, color temperature control, saturation, and linear tone.

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4. Look Sync function

Look Sync function is to make simultaneos color correction for different setting of multiple devices. In this version, Simple color correction can be set to exeption for Look Synching. For example, you can set different exposure lebel for HDR and SDR and make color correction at the same time.

5. Look Sync function

You can now freely set the size and layout of the parts of the color correction screen. Instead of changing the size on the screen, it became possible to adjust the position and size freely by pop-windowing about graphs, images, and color control. In addition, you can store up to two settings, you can recall the setting with one action.

Original layout

The one which made everything a floating and adjusted the location and the size

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