IS business, which main products were WonderLookPro and IS-miniX, had transferred to TVLogic (Vidente Co., Ltd.) on November 1st, 2018. TVLogic will continue to manufacture, distribute and support of IS products. Thank you for your support for our products after the tranfer from Fujifilm 2 years ago.

More detailed information about IS business at TVLogic is available here.

For WonderLookPro users
(including FREE License users. Corporate License users are not included)

WonderLookPro License users have to agree with WOWOW's privacy policy and TVLogic's privacy policy, and to transfer your license information to use TVLogic version of WonderLookPro. What you need is just download TVLogic version of WonderLookPro and run it under Internet connection. Please go here to check how to do it.

Even if the license information is not transferred, you can still use WOWOW version of WonderLookPro. We strongly recommend to switch to TVLogic version ASAP. TVLogic will not support WOWOW version and the server will be closed at the end of March, 2019, which means you can not manage the license and can not download any LUTs.

Users who have USB dongle license don't need to do any procedures. You can use both version of WonderLookPro but we recommend to switch to TVLogic version as well.

Campaign will be continued by TVLogic

TVLogic will continue to do the campagin for existing IS-mini customers. Please check IS product page of TVLogic web site or ask TVLogic dealers to know the campaign in detail.


Please contact TVLogic or TVLogic dealer to ask about the products and supports.
You can make other questions to WOWOW Entertainment. Please use WOWOW Entertainment, Inc.'s form.